Бутилка за вода "Джунгла"

14,99 лв.
С вкл. данък При поръчка в делничен ден преди 12:00 за град София, ще бъде изпълнена в рамките на деня

Красиви и изключително здрави! Без BPA! С удобен държач. Завъртете капачето и ще видите силиконовата сламка. 

Подходяща за деца над 3 години.


Featuring super cute dinos, this stunning water bottle is much more fun than a plain bottle. It’s the ideal water bottle to take when out and about, or to school, nursery or any sporting activity.

Schools are increasingly insistent that children only drink water on site so our durable BPA free and clear bottles do just the job. Flip the lid to reveal a silicone bendy straw making it extra easy to slurp on the go! Designed to fit the bottle holder in our Insulated Lunch Bags and Backpacks.

Item Number: 38P3354 

Size: Bottle: 17x6.5cm Capacity: 350ml 

Recommended Age: 3+

Warning: Please note if this item is dropped it will crack/ break and it is not shatterproof. 


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