Светеща карта на съзвездията със стикери

38,99 лв.
С вкл. данък Поръчката ще бъде изпълнена в следващия делничен ден

Една много красива фосфоресцираща карта на небесните съзвездия, която ще бъде попълнена със стикери. Детето ще залепи над 600 стикера на плаката, на посочените места. По този начин ще запомни имената на небесните съзвездия. Прекрасен плакат за деца, за да учат, докато се забавляват. ВАЖНО: фосфоресциращите звезди трябва да са залепени върху сините пространства!

Видео тук: https://youtu.be/FFXjxaY40U8


Content : 1 poster (1 m x 68 cm) + 640 stickers

Glow-in-the-dark and removable stickers

7 and up

Design : Atelier Cartographik

Unfold the large poster and paste the phosphorescent stars of the most famous constellations of the sky. The two hemispheres, North and South, are represented. A legend and an explanatory note make it possible to know the name of each constellation. When you turn off the light, you can have fun finding the constellations, recognizable by the position and size of the stars.

This poster allows the child to locate and recognize the constellations of the sky. Before sticking each star, he must observe, compare, identify, which allows him to memorize the information.

This poster is then a beautiful decoration for the room. Poster size is a standard frame size for easy framing.

Made in Spain.

The stickers are printed with phosphorescent ink on a transparent base for a very qualitative rendering.

The stickers are removable: they can be taken off and glued as many times as necessary.

This pouch contains 2 boards of stickers.

IMPORTANT : phosphorescent stars must be glued to the blue spots !


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